Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Naked Runaway...

Daddy diaper duty is always an adventure!
Annabelle LOVES to see if she can get away from Daddy after her bum is clean,
 but clean diaper off! 

This is her being Little Mischievous! She's laughing at Daddy to come & try to catch her.
(Notice the little wet spot in front of her... yup, she peed!) 

Annabelle making a run for it!

And so the adventures of Team Tolman continue!


  1. She definitely did that to Trinsica at Brad and Sheri's the other night. So funny!

  2. LOL!! Hilarous! This reminds me of when Aubrey was one year old, and would do the same thing! I even blogged about it. I think your mother even saw it, and I worried because we were in her rent house. She didn't mind though since they replaced the carpet.:)