Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Fun

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time. 
The beautiful lights, yummy food, family-time, semester being over (Finally!), and the 
focus on our Savior make this such a peaceful time of year.  

BYU semester just ended Friday, and it's been hard doing Christmas activities with the stress of school. BUT... school is on hold for now and are starting to 
prepare for Christmas:)

Our Christmas Tree 
It's up on a box to avoid Miss Annabelle's grabby hands! 
Sadly, I bought glass ornaments back when we were first married and naive about the destroying power of babies!

Aunt Danners at Deneka's Christmas Party

Love those little leggings!

Festival of Trees
        This is our second year to go to this festival held in Salt Lake at the Expo Center. It is an awesome charity event where people donate elaborately decorated Christmas trees, wreaths, and crazy gingerbread houses. You can then purchase the decorations 
and all money raised is donated to Primary Children's Medical Center. 

Adorable dress Grammie made! 
(Sadly, she never taught me how to sew... this summer is the time Momma!)

The Weasley's house from Harry Potter!

Tangled (the movie)

The Capitol building in Washing D.C. 
(This was about 6 feet long, 3 feet high, and all made from gingerbread!!)


This is how Annabelle dances!
(Sorry for the quality... but still hilarious!)

Merry Christmas!           
Just the 3 of Us