Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Visiting Utah & a Surprise Wedding!

Keith is MARRIED! He announced two weeks before the big day (surprise!) and even with 
the short notice the day turned out absolutely beautiful. Of course he had an absolutely 
gorgeous bride and three adorable boys to make the day perfect:)
Keith, Rhiannon, Cy, Seth, & Josh -- One Amazing Family 

Keith +... Rhiannon & 3 boys!

These boys are soooo adorable!!

After the wedding, Annabelle & I spent the next week visiting much missed friends & family. 
Enjoy some pictures of our 10-day trip!

Electric Lake At Grandma Tolman's
My adorable fishing baby girl!

 Scera Pool with Aunt Didders!
Annabelle bathed Danielle in sunscreen!

Me & my girl:)

 I miss these girls terribly! So good to see you both and meet baby Rowen:)
Shell, can't wait for Mr. P to arrive!

I wish I had more pictures because we saw Tyson & Amber's fam, Dustin & Jana (baby hurry up already!), and Britt, Liam, her new baby Gavin (Annabelle was obsessed with him!), & Brooke... I miss you guys! 

Until we visit again,                   
                                                                                                        Brittany & Annabelle

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scrapbooking Baby!

Annabelle discovered scrapbooking and now loves to glue, press, and say "Abelle did it!" See more adorable pictures of my baby being creative at Nellie's Cottage Blog Post: "Abeww scap book too?"

P.S. I am getting back to consistently blogging... promise!