Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Sister Date w/ Mommy

Mom's turn! Annabelle and I had so much fun on our little date and it made me realize how it could be one of our last outings with just one angel in my life... I might have teared up;) We pretty much did the exact same thing as her Daddy, which.... she now thinks is the only thing you do on a date-- shop, eat, play place). Enjoy some pictures & two videos, one of her packing a week's worth of the "essentials" for our date:)

Me & My Baby Angel

She took FOREVER to pick out the perfect outfit for her future "possibly" sister (we'll find out boy or girl very soon!) She'd say, "I like this one, no this one's better. Nope, my sister gonna wear this one!"

 Play Place- she was bossing around boys twice her age!

Annabelle Packing!

I'm a Big Sister!

The Mother of One... 
for a few more weeks;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Big Sister Date w/ Daddy

We are trying to "prep" Annabelle for our newest arrival (4 weeks left!!) and have come up with some fun ideas to get her excited on becoming a BIG SISTER! One of our ideas is to go on two "big sister dates," one with daddy then one with mom. Travis took Annabelle on their date Friday night and boy did she take is S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y! Travis called from work to officially "ask her out" Friday morning and she talked about it ALL day. It was so adorable:)

Annabelle's Date Prep:
*"Mom, I need to take a bath and get all clean and then put piggy tails in my hair for date wif daddy!"
*She picked out at least 7 outfits- luckily I persuaded her to wear a matching one;)
*She packed her purse with all the essentials: 2 tubes of lip gloss & a credit card (a.k.a. Sam's club)

Trav said he was constantly trying to get Annabelle to consider a boy outfit, but she kept going back to the pink clothes. We have definitely raised a little Princess;)

After shopping, the obvious decision was McDonald's playplace!
Annabelle loved playing and not having to hear us say, "you need to eat before you can play."

Enjoy some videos!
Super excited for her date

Boy or Girl?

And my personal favorite: Travis asks, " What do Mommy's & Daddy's do on dates?"
Annabelle says, "They bring purses, fanny packs, and don't talk!"
Kids say the best stuff;)

Team Tolman

P.S. Mommy Date Coming Soon! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions (Let's Beat the "Typical Outcome!")

Since the world didn't end with the Mayan calendar, it's time to reflect on what we've accomplished (or didn't) in 2012 and then look forward to 2013 with hope, opportunity, and love.

 Typical Resolutions Timeline
January-- You are definitely, no questions asked, going to complete every goal you set!
February-- Ya might have missed a day or two but you're still going strong.
March-- You're doing awesome on some goals but waning on others. Although, still hopefully.
April-- You start to wonder if its even possible to accomplish every goal on your list, so you ditch the the "less important ones." (if you're like me you set a goal for each of life's categories: physical, spiritual, secular, mental, family, couple, financial)
May-- Summer is in full swing (if you live in Texas) and you're struggling to even remember majority of the goals you set! You're hope is pretty much gone by now, but the guilt you feel keeps you hanging on to one. last. goal. 
June-- By this point you've been on vacation and missed several weeks of accomplishing the one goal you have left. You try to pick up the momentum for a few days but finally decide- you can't accomplish them all, so let's just ditch them all!
July-- The trend stops here. You figure the year is half over so you might as well wait for next year to "try again."
August, September, October, November, December-- Life happens.
January-- The cycle begins again.

Team Tolman 2013 Goals
My dad gave us some of the best advice: Choose ONE GOAL a year. 
Now you're thinking, but I desperately need to lose 20 pounds, save more money, improve my relationship with my spouse, be more patient, finish painting my living room, take a family picture, and graduate from my 7-year college career?! Reality check. You will feel much more accomplished knowing you have completed a goal rather than setting too many and accomplishing none. Also realize you can (& should) set another goal after you've completed the first. Make this year simple. Set one goal. Do it. Feel accomplished.

Having said that, here are Team Tolman's 2013 Goals.
Travis- 100% Home Teaching (assigned monthly visits to members of our church)
Brittany- Officially graduate from BYU (one online class still lingering...)

Couple- Focus on saving 70% of our income (buying our first house here we come!)
Family- Weekly Family Home Evening

Wish us luck We can do this!            
Team Tolman