Thursday, May 31, 2012

England Countryside

Mom and Pops so graciously took Travis, Danners, Annabelle, and I to tour England & Wales. Travis has never been and our British family had yet to meet Annabelle... definitely the perfect time to visit! Travis absolutely loved the rolling hills and couldn't believe how beautiful and green the countryside was. Although, after a few days he realized the English weather, a.k.a. constant drizzle, is what makes everything so lush and green. Luckily, we were blessed with several sunny days.

Thank you to our Crossley parents for our vacation and amazing trip. We love you!

Market Drayton
The canal by Grandad's house... so picturesque!

Grandad lovin' the girls

Joyce & her Auntie Violet (she visits every Tuesday and stays all day!)

Devon- Southern England
This is the width of the road to Aunt Helen's house... tiny!

It's only wide enough for one car, so when another car comes one has to back up until they find an inlet to park in! This is one of the British quirks, but ya gotta love that they're not always in a hurry.

Beautiful English scenery

Walking to a seaside town to eat lunch. The trail was more than a little muddy!

An original rail-car that took us up the mountain for lunch

Annabelle being cute before jumping!

My cousin Joseph's town home. It's crazy how expensive European housing is... this 2 bedroom, tiny apartment cost 115, 000 pounds! (about $200,000 dollars!)  

Annabelle & Theo holding hands... just adorable!
(Theo is my cousin Kerry's little man)

The famous fish and chips with mushy peas... delish!
We must have eaten this meal at least 3x.

Outside the most famous fish and chip restaurant, Squires, with Kerry, Norman, & Theo.
The Prime Minister (similar to our President eats here!)

Totally random picture, but this is how they toast bread!!

The "Beach"
When you picture the beach what do you imagine? I imagine a blinding sun, warm water, swimsuits, beach volleyball, playing in the sand, reading, and tanning. The British idea of going to the beach is quite different, but still wonderful! Reading and playing in the sand are definitely on the agenda, but ya might wanna grab a jacket for the trip.

Picturesque seaside town

Annabelle looking like a beached whale!! haha Sadly, this is how she took her nap.

Annabelle was knocking down Grandad's sandcastles as quickly as he was building them! 

Kerry & Norman

Auntie Helen letting Annabelle test the freezing water! 

Good ole' Uncle Roger

Team Tolman       


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wales & Windsor Castle

This is an amazing castle in Wales. Sadly, we forgot Great Britain virtually shuts down at 4:00 pm! After a quick knock on the door, a British accent said, "Sorry dear, I'm afraid we're closed for the day." But... we promised Travis a castle and later made it to the world's largest and oldest occupied castle in the world- Winsor Castle! (see below)

I simply love this picture of Grandad and Annabelle

Hiking Caderidris- "Seat of the Giant"

The beautiful Welsh view halfway up the mountain

Machynlleth- Nan's home

 Market Day! This lovely little artistic town has a weekly market day where townspeople sell homemade jam, produce, books, fresh meat, etc.
Swinging with Nan & Grandad

Happy 27th Birthday Babe! 

Windsor Castle
The flying flag means the Queen is there!


It is impossible to make these guys smile! Trust me... we've tried;)

My beautiful princess!
Annabelle playing at the park after our tour of the castle's state rooms.

Team Tolman