Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day on the Farm

 We traveled to Bedford, Wyoming for the weekend. 
A.K.A. the middle of nowhere... BUT absolutely beautiful!

Our adventures on the farm:)

 We picked raspberries.... delicious! Jana (my new sister-in-law who is fabulous) 
ate way more than she put in her bucket!

I think fresh raspberries have beaten out strawberries as Annabelle's favorite food!

 Grandpa fixin' his truck:)

 Annabelle's first four-wheeler ride! She loved it and really thought the Alpaca's were funny:)

 Swinging with Uncle Ben

 Tin-Foil Dinners for 30 people!
Travis being a boy;)

 Fun, crazy, big family!

Just us:)

Amber, Tyson, and Kelti are back from Alaska! It was fun watching the little girls play:)

 Who knew you could cook dinner for 30 people in an old milk can?! You put each food item: corn, ham, sausage, cabbage, & potatoes in individual mesh bags. Then you layer each bag, fire it up, and steam for 45 minutes!

 Annabelle laughed and laughed at this bird! She would put her fingers real close teasing him, and after I pulled her hand away real quick she would just giggle and laugh every time:)

 Motorcycle Baby

Travis had a blast bow shooting! He was a very consistent shot and
pretty good for his first try!  A friend invited him to go bow hunting with him...
a story and pictures to come I'm sure;)

 Our cute baby!

Shelling peas with Grandpa and Grandma Heiner

After a fun 3 days on the farm, we traveled  to Lava Hot Spring. The pool is warm, mineral water!

There are 3 platforms: the highest was 33 feet high! Travis only convinced me to jump off the second platform since the lady at the desk said there had been two ambulance calls earlier that day! Needless to say that didn't stop Travis... The little dare-devil:)
We had an awesome weekend with the Tolman Family and visiting Grandma and Grandpa Heiner. Happy Labor Day!
    Team Tolman 



  1. What a fun time. Cute photos. Hugs, Mitzi

  2. Love all the Photos! He has a wonderful HUGE family lol. I have to ask tho. Is that you holding the baby upside down in one of those pics? lol thanks for sharing...excited about following :)

  3. Super fun post! I now want to go to my in laws farm.

  4. So cute Brit! I know how it is to be in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming :)

  5. I love it!! Looks like y'all had a BLAST! I don't know how you held Annabelle over the edge of the stairs though...scary! I bet y'all had some GOOD home cooked food! From what it looks like anyways.