Monday, September 26, 2011

Antiqued Table & Chairs

It has been 9 months since Travis and I have had a dining room table! How awful is that considering all the value that comes from a table and chairs?! Well....we found this solid, oak wood treasure online for only $40 dollars! I think Janene, whom we have nicknamed the "Craigslist Queen," would be so proud of our find;) The table's previous condition wasn't too shabby, but we wanted a different "look". Antiquing was the answer: much more work than we imagined, but well worth it! We absolutely love it and can't wait to eat our first family meal.

The chairs before their makeover...

 Step One: Apply "stripper" to the old paint and stain


 Step Two: Sand, sand, & sand some more! Annabelle did the cutest thing: She walked over, grabbed the sandpaper from my hand, and started sanding the legs of the chair!

Step Three: Apply primer where you want to antique  
Step Four: Paint 2 coats of white paint
    Step Five: Stain the chair seats (color: Dark Walnut)
Step Six: Sand over dried white paint for that "antiqued look"

Step Seven: Glaze over the white paint, let it sit for 5 minutes, then wipe off
Step Eight: Apply 2 coats of clear coat finish


Viola! Beautiful & Fabulous Antiqued Chairs 


The pictures don't do it justice, 
BUT... here is our Beautifully Antiqued Final Result! 

                                                                      Team Tolman


  1. Fabulous! It is so satisfying to make something beautiful out of something ordinary. I especially love Annabelle's contribution:)

  2. oh Britt, It turned out awesome! I can't wait to come see it!!

  3. Looks great! I am just about to start on mine at the end of this week! But My chairs are not salvageable. But I am going to do the two two too but with black on the top! I will have to call you to get product info. =) Miss you guys. =)