Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa?? Major Freakout!

Let's just say Annabelle's first experience with the white-beard man in a red suit was a little less than pleasant! We were in Onalaska this past weekend visiting Nannie & Gramps and took Annabelle to their small town Christmas festival. Since we were just dying to get a picture of Annabelle with Santa we ignored her protest and put her on his lap. Does that make us bad parents? Possible, but what we got was a picture that we'll laugh about for the rest of her life!

We were pampered the ENTIRE weekend! No stress, just lots of love and a chance to relax, which we L.O.V.E! Annabelle loves to visit the "big pool" (Lake Livingston) and really took a liking to Gramps "monkmee" jokes and Nannie's undying love & attention. Annabelle was sure to give them a choir concert complete with a music book standing on top of the fireplace. Thanks for a great weekend Nannie & Gramps!

She loves baby oranges!

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