Monday, December 31, 2012

Just Us Christmas Morning (and our "almost" picture-perfect night!)

We had a blast with the whole family for Crossley Christmas, but since everyone needed to leave Christmas Eve we spent Christmas Day as JUST US... the Tolmans. It was fun being our own little family and opening gifts with our baby girl.

Decorating the Christmas Tree Adventure
       Go back a few weeks and I'll tell you ALL about decorating the family tree. Trav & I had a Hallmark image of how this event would go- we'd drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas carols, Annabelle would happily put each decoration safely on the branches, and the family bonding would be overwhelmingly beautiful. We were dreaming right? Now take that picture and think the exact opposite! Okay that's a bit dramatic... you can keep the family bonding because Trav & I laughed most of the night at how far we were from our "dream night!
        Annabelle was throwing ornaments across the room, unplugging the lights, refusing to eat dinner, ripping open the fake presents on the tree-- happy one minute, in time-out 2 minutes later! Let's just say our picture-perfect night ended with a huge sigh of relief after our munchkin was asleep;)  

Christmas Morning
       Fast forward several weeks to Christmas day. We had a great morning. After a wonderful breakfast we opened gifts and watched our baby girl get excited on Christmas for the first time! She got a Princess crown & wand for the bathtub, Mrs. Potato Head, little red wagon, food & cutting board, a beautiful dress, coat, & blanket from Grammie, blanket & piggy from Grandma Tolman, sticker book from cousin Kelti, and a few other little things. Funny tidbit-- Annabelle has been a bit scared, okay terrified of Santa since we sat her on his lap but after we told her Santa gave her Mrs. Potato Head she seems to be a bit more open to liking the jolly fella;) 
        Travis got all things redneck! Camo shirt, bow target, gun target, & range finder. Wow. He is definitely embracing the Southeast Texas living! 
        Most of what I got enhances my love of cooking-- an ice cream maker, KitchenAid pasta roller attachment, fondue pot, piggy timer that oinks when time's up, and other fun things. Let's just say we all felt very blessed this Christmas!          

Our Beautiful Princess 

The funny moments in life are the ones you remember the most. Here's to making more fun memories that make you laugh (like our attempt at decorating the tree or Annabelle's Santa freak-out) for years to come! Merry Christmas!
The Tolmans

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