Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wales & Windsor Castle

This is an amazing castle in Wales. Sadly, we forgot Great Britain virtually shuts down at 4:00 pm! After a quick knock on the door, a British accent said, "Sorry dear, I'm afraid we're closed for the day." But... we promised Travis a castle and later made it to the world's largest and oldest occupied castle in the world- Winsor Castle! (see below)

I simply love this picture of Grandad and Annabelle

Hiking Caderidris- "Seat of the Giant"

The beautiful Welsh view halfway up the mountain

Machynlleth- Nan's home

 Market Day! This lovely little artistic town has a weekly market day where townspeople sell homemade jam, produce, books, fresh meat, etc.
Swinging with Nan & Grandad

Happy 27th Birthday Babe! 

Windsor Castle
The flying flag means the Queen is there!


It is impossible to make these guys smile! Trust me... we've tried;)

My beautiful princess!
Annabelle playing at the park after our tour of the castle's state rooms.

Team Tolman    


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