Thursday, May 24, 2012


Graduation is a big deal right? So... we treated ourselves to a 7-night Cancun vacation to celebrate! You wouldn't believe the deal we found...we stayed at the Grand Mayan (a huge, luxurious resort) for $35 a night, plus a $200 credit for food! A-mazing.

We celebrated with three other fabulous couples: The Gees, the Hadfields, and the Cosgraves, all of which are prego! I felt a little left out during the weird body functions and craving discussions, thinking maybe I should get pregnant, only to have Travis remind me- we are one step ahead with Annabelle! So, I think we're good for now, but can't wait to meet all their little ones:)

Thank you to Grammie & Grandad for watching Annabelle. When saying goodbye to Annabelle, I told her we'd be gone a full week. She responded, "Week, bye-bye!" She wasn't worried one bit:)

The Fun:
      -Beach Volleyball (including whooping the resort staff)
      -The boys jumping off the pier and getting threatened with the Mexican Navy
      -Riding scooters through "real Mexico" and fraternizing with the locals (Branson's wish!)
      -Exploring Playa Del Carmen and Cancun
      -Plenty of swimming, reading, eating, and of course, tanning

 Meet the Crew
Tolmans & Hadfields

Cosgraves & Gees

Building our Mayan Ruins
(below) We bought walkie-talkies and gave each couple names with 1 being the hubby & 2 being the esposa: 
Ego--Gees, Delta--Tolmans, Coconut--Cosgraves, and "Messycans"--Hadfields 

Beach Volleyball

Daily water aerobics... quite entertaining!



Giving the pregnant woman a proper foot-massage! 


Feeling like 12 year-old boys again... look at those faces!!

Ready to ride! The boys did a scavenger hunt and this is what they found.... look below!

Branson literately took the shirt off a 97 year-old guy!
(He only has a shirt here because his family gave him another one)

Garrett traded shirts with a little boy, while Travis peed is someone's house!
The woman asked Travis for 5 pesos after using her toilet;)

Yeah, those are muscles;) 

The three Mommas!

Probably the only time we put on real clothes!

You can see more at Lyndsey & Shelly's blogs. 
We miss y'all!                
Delta 1 & Delta Dos


  1. Oh this just makes me want to go back. Or at least just spend more time with you and trav :/ Missin you girlie. LOVED this trip! Let's start planning next year?

  2. Oh my gosh how FUN!!!! How did y'all find such an amazing deal?? You can tell you got so much sun on the last few pictures. lol adorable swim suits by the way! So glad you had a fun celebration!!