Friday, November 25, 2011


We are THANKFUL for...
  • Marriage- We're happy, love making each other laugh, can communicate, talk through issues, listen, and are grateful everyday we will be together forever.
  • Annabelle- She puts a smile on our faces at least every ten minutes! She makes us realize how amazing the simple things in life are by saying "Wow" to flipping on a light switch, taking the cap off a highlighter, throwing a ball, and so much more. She laughs and smiles almost every minute and blesses our life everyday. 
                 - Last night after Annabelle went to bed, Travis came to me and asked, "Do you
                   ever miss Annabelle when she's asleep? ...I do."  (He loves his little girl!)
  • The Gospel- Living the commandments makes our life so simple and uncomplicated! We love the peace that comes from knowing our Savior loves and understands us individually. 
  • Family- We love both of our families! They give us support, fun memories, happiness, and most importantly--- love

Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake- Now a tradition thanks to Janene for the recipe!

Flying Baby! Dr. Pops would not approve, but see the look of pure enjoyment on her face?!

Gotta feel like a big girl:)
Annabelle loves Uncle Dustin and Aunt Jana

Uncle Keith and Aunt Danielle- love you both!

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We ate a yummy meal with the Tolman Family, went shotgun shooting, ate some more, and finished the night off playing CLUE with the Crossley's.

Team Tolman                  


  1. OMG!!! We love the snapshots of Annabelle taking flight and getting airborne! Tender thoughts on being truly grateful. We love you, trav, and your dah-ling baby girl.
    Ps. Your cheesecake looks YUMMY!!!

  2. Ha! Annabelle's flying pictures look so awesome. :) We are so grateful that we have you three in our lives and living so close! You are all such a blessing!

  3. Umm that cheesecake looks dangerously good. :)