Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crossley Family Visit

Grammie & Grandad visit Utah! Utah is absolutely beautiful in the fall with all the colorful leaves and cool weather:) It was good to see them! I'm not sure we believe "us kids" is the real reason for visiting... pretty sure it's the grand-baby;) 

 Skeet Shooting w/ Keith

I love this face!

Annabelle's favorite thing to do in her stroller: drag a stick on the ground?! 

Cafe Paesan w/ Danielle


 Driving Range: Keith & Pops definitely dominated here;)

Danielle trying to teach Miss Annabelle how to golf but... she was more interested in the bucket:)

I love these moments:)

 Trip to Smith's Supermarket

Annabelle loves pushing things: shopping carts, rolling chairs, boxes, DVD's, etc!

There's that stick again...

Our little elf!
I just love that little smile:)

We love having you come Mom & Pops! 
Thanks for a wonderful weekend, we love you:)

Team Tolman                          

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  1. We loved every minute of being with ALL of you:) Okay...especially Annabelle !