Tuesday, October 25, 2011

23rd Birthday!

Thank you! 
Thank you to everyone who made turning 23 wonderful:) 
Texas Roadhouse Dinner
A Fun & Relaxed Day:
-Annabelle slept til' 9 a.m. (Best present a baby girl could give!)
-Danielle brought me breakfast: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Einstein Bagel- Yum!
-By 9:30 a.m. I had over 20 birthday wishes on Facebook & 13 texts (ya gotta love the little reminder in the corner) 
-I opened birthday presents and cards from family and friends:) 
-Danielle & Travis blindfolded me and we went to see "The Help"- Such an amazing movie- I cried twice.
-Trav took me to eat at good ole' Texas Roadhouse
-Surprise visit from Keith & Aubrey with birthday shopping money in hand:) Keith's card made us laugh. It said, "Two pieces of birthday advice: 1. Forget about the past. You can't change it. 2. Forget about the present. I didn't get you one!"

I know this movie has been out for awhile.. but Trav & I are fiercely loyal to dollar movies!
So, I'll admit it... We are so cheap!
However, Danielle paid since it was a special occasion:)

Large "gumbo pot" from mother-in-law & red TOMS from Travis:)

Holiday baking is about to begin! Thanks Mom & Pops:)

Thanks again and Happy 23rd,               

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  1. Happy 23rd Bday!! Don't you just love it when the little one sleeps in! Seriously a perfect gift. I love those red Tom's too! Looks like a fabulous birthday!