Monday, October 24, 2011

Annabelle's First Birthday Party

Bring on the Dogs... "Woof Woof"
In honor of Annabelle's undying love for dogs we designed her birthday party around the cuddly little creatures;)
 The Birthday Girl!

Puppy Dog Cake!

Party Preparations

                          My Carnival Hero driving up with the balloons:)
             I'm sure he was quite a sight driving down busy State St. Saturday morning!

 Travis did an awesome job carving the cake! He asked if I was going to go this "all out" for every kid's birthday.... I said "YES!" I think he's worried how many cakes he'll have to do:) haha

 Travis suggested changing the theme to a "gator" party. I'll admit, before ya add the ears and cute button nose, the cake does look like a pink gator!

 Pops worked on this dog house for a couple of hours... definitely a quality, sturdy doghouse for his Grandbaby to enjoy! Thanks Pops:)

Party Time
Annabelle attacked the cornbread! Grammie didn't bother to stop her;)

 Proud Uncle Keith with the GQ look:)

Spicy Jalapeno Chili w/ Cornbread served doggy style!
No one had heard of serving chili over rice... must be a Southern Specialty! 
(recipe to come)

 Ready, Set, Eat!

Cake Time!
Annabelle''s personal doggy cake:)

Blowing out the candles


Annabelle kept putting her foot in the cake! It was absolutely hilarious!


Annabelle's personality summed up in one picture!!!

I simply love this picture:)

Annabelle you are one loved little girl! Thanks to all who came and helped make our baby girl's birthday one to remember! We love you all and missed lots of family and friends who are far away! 

Team Tolman "Woof, Woof!"


  1. And now I feel like I was there. Great post! :) Everything you did was so cute!

  2. What a great party. You thought of everything. It was all so cute. I loved the dog bowl idea and yes, rice with chili is totally a southern thing.
    The cakes turned out cute too! Wish I could have been there. Here's to many birthday adventures.

  3. So glad we got to come! Annabelle is so adorable and we are lucky to have you both as friends. :)

  4. AMAZING!! I love all the doggie details you put into the party. I bet Annabelle was in doggie heaven! ;)

  5. Precious party! Annabelle is such a cutie.

  6. We had a ton of fun, you did a great job babe!