Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Love Messages with a Sparkle- DIY Project

I never thought (and I'm sure you never did either) labor/delivery could make my project go from ordinary to fabulously covered in sparkles! Well it did. My best friend invited me to her family's craft day but since she was in labor we opted (a.k.a were forced) to bring our raw pieces home unfinished. A few weeks later we were back to crafting and with some help from Martha Stewart glitter we turned this plain wooden chalkboard into an art piece for love messages! If you're not into love, you could use it for recipes, to-do lists, or just draw a silly doodle to brighten someone's day!

What you need:
2 chalkboards (Dollar Store)
wood glue
decorative column (Home Depot)
wooden block for the base 
chipboard design of your choice (Hobby Lobby, Michael's)
mod podge
glitter (I used Martha Stewart- brownstone) 
paint (I used Martha Stewart metallic vintage gold)
painters tape
hot glue gun

Step 1: Sand the decorative column and wooden block base until smooth 
Step 2: Glue 2 chalkboards back-to-back using wood glue, let dry
Step 3: Prep boards with painters tape on both sides, set on can for easier painting

Step 3: Paint 2 coats
Step 4: While paint is drying, glue/screw the decorative column to the wooden block base

Step 5: Mod podge (be generous!) the base & column, then coat in glitter 
(let the glitter rest for a minute before knocking off the excess)
Step 6: Mod podge & glitter the chipboard design
Step 7: Once dry, hot glue the chipboard piece to the painted chalkboard
Step 8: Attach the chalkboard to the column with the wood glue or... 
if you have a handy man around use a dowel rod to ensure durability

The silly doodle my hubby drew me! It definitely made me laugh:) 

 Step 9: Write a sweet note to your hubby and VOILA! You've made your love sparkle:)  

Get Crafting!               
Team Tolman  

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