Saturday, October 27, 2012

Muddy Piggy Party!!

Annabelle turned two on October 24th and since her favorite thing in the world is pigs playing in the mud we designed her entire party around the pink, snorting farm animals!

Our Birthday Girl!!

The adorable party invitation
Cricut machines + Mom's ideas = super cute!

Piggy Activities:
John Deere Tractor Rides
Old MacDonald Baby Einstein video (what inspired this shindig!)
Gettin' Dirty in the Mud
Muddy Piggy Cupcakes
Pictures by the Barn (Dad expertly cut it out, mom & I painted it!)

 I about died when Travis walked out looking like FARMER BROWN!! haha

Little Piggy Menu:
Slow Cooker Mac n' Cheese
Pigs n' a Blanket
Corn on the Cob
Red Grapes
Apple Juice
Muddy Piggy Cupcakes!
The toppers are bathtub squirt toys, so cute:) 

The Party Guests 
We had 13 little kids ages 5 and under playing in the dirt!
Bishop, Natalie, & Rebecca Hatton 

Brian, Natalie, & Aubrey

 Ryan, Kayla, & Mav

Joey & Ash

James, RuthAnne, Jimmy, Alex, & Anna

Todd, Emily, Alina, & Mila 

Jeremy, Ashley, Emma, & Liam

Team Tolman w/ our birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Annabelle! We love you more everyday:)
Mom & Dad        


  1. Oh Britt, you do the CUTEST parties for her! You are so creative. And I love Travis's getup. So hilarious!

    1. Thank you! You are too sweet:) And yeah, Trav looked more hilarious than I've ever seen him! haha

  2. So cute. what a cute party. Fun memories. Loved how you took a photo of all guests.