Thursday, October 18, 2012

"A" is for Annabelle- Wall Decor

Since Danielle left for BYU (we miss her!!) Annabelle has inherited a "2-years-old Dream Room" according to Danielle. So, a few projects have been done to make it fit for a little girl. This alphabet letter, A, started out as a boring wooden letter but with some paint, chipboard flowers, and Martha Stewart glitter it turned into a fabulous wall hanging!
The boring beginning!

 The inspiration piece- the bedspread!

Glittered chipboard flowers
mod podge, coat in glitter, let dry, & spray with adhesive sealer

I used a chiffon stamp dipped in matte antique gold paint to add a fun pattern (not easy to get the pattern to line up but the final product hides my imperfections!
I then painted the edges with hot pink paint to make it stand out against the wall color. 

Add the glittery flowers with a hot glue gun and ta-da!


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  1. Super cute!! This makes me want to redo my girls' wooden letters all fancy! :)