Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Houston Zoo

We had a perfect day. Exotic animals, an excited little girl, free entry (thanks Aunt Mitzi!), and a light drizzle to keep us cool, equals an awesome trip to the zoo. We spent almost four hours at the zoo and then after a picnic lunch it started to downpour. We had seen 90% of the exhibits so we headed on out to tour our first home!

We toured a house built by Westin Homes and are definitely in love. We love the 40-foot ceilings with the 2nd story balcony, the fun style, and the neat architectural elements. It's exciting to start the search for our first home and you better believe I've been watching countless HGTV shows: First Time Buyer, House Hunters, Property Brother, and more! We will give updates on the house search, but for now we're just looking at different options and saving for a down payment (living with the parents definitely speeds up that process!)

Enough about the house... enjoy some zoo pictures!

Lazy Rhinos, and as Annabelle pointed out, "dirtee!"

The chimps are always my favorite to watch. It's so interesting/weird how similar monkeys and humans are. We sat and watched these female chimps for quite awhile and one of them started plucking her chin hairs!! haha We were rolling and after she would pluck one, she'd look at her fingers to make sure she got it.  

African drums... these three were quite good:)

Team Tolman

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