Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Houseboat on Lake Powell

Third vacation to Lake Powell, 3x as fun!
We had a blast on the Houseboat with the Durrans and Allens (my parent's forever-best friends from medical school). It gave me hope that we will still vacation with our college friends years and years down the road. We spent six days hiking slot canyons, exploring, boating, wakeboarding, building sand castles, napping, kayaking, eating, & lovin' the company. Enjoy pictures from our amazing week, and I know one friend who will be very jealous... Coco! Don't worry, we're still making future plans:)

Hiking Slot Canyons
At one point we had to swim through a narrow canyon and the whole time Annabelle was grinning and saying "Cold, cold, cold." It really was freezing! Such a good sport:)
Keith, Rhiannon, Me & Annabelle, Trav, Danielle


On the Ski Boat 
Stylin' baby girl

Wakeboarding- Rob, Me, Trav, & Keith
Hands-down Keith is the best and so awesome to watch. He did a 360!

Keith & Rhiannon- one good lookin' couple! Love you both!

Glorious Chacos

Catering to Little Miss Priss' every desire!
Don't let that sweet face deceive you, five seconds before this picture she was pitching a fit! 

Daily Life on the Lake
 Our Houseboat Captain: Rob

I love this picture:)

Annabelle was always saying, "Dad-Dan, boat, boat?!"

Of course the babies accompanied us on our trip. Luckily, we got away with bringing only three! 
Notice two have on diapers;)

Kayaking/ boat adventure... beautiful canyons!

Pops being Pops

Rainbow Bridge

Danielle's makeshift shoes for the hike!
Ironically, we found a pair of extra flip-flops after we got back... classic Dumb & Dumber!

We stopped for ice cream on our way to Rainbow Bridge and it was a heavenly relief from the heat!

Heading back to Wahweap Port
Annabelle & Lincoln sealing their love.
Almost everyday Annabelle says, "Incon, Incon" & wants me to show her these pictures:)

Looking for the "hiding" fish!

Oh, just hanging in the kayaks by Annabelle's command, "Momma sit here."

Beautiful Sunset

Saying goodbye... we miss you both so much already!

The Road Trip
Boy oh boy, where do I begin? Well, let's start with the highlight of Annabelle throwing up on Travis twice! It was awful, it was disgusting, and luckily was not repeating on our road trip back to Texas. The way home was much more enjoyable. We watched Old McDonald's Farm multiple times, played babies, slept, listened to Little People Tunes, and thought of a million distractions for Annabelle! Overall it was bearable and it was wonderful when Annabelle slept 9 hours overnight! The next few pictures are of her waking up...
The blanket was to block the light!

Yay! I found my way out:)

The Munchkin kept finding Oreos in the windowsill. Danielle took 2 away from her, so finally she shoved her head in between the window and seat and would not come out! We could see her chomping down on some Oreos in the window reflection; it was hilarious!


We hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
Team Tolman



  1. I'm laughing my head off that she was trying to secretly eat the oreos in the window! hahahaha! That is so funny! I love the picture of her with 3 babies! That is too cute! When my little sister was younger she was obsessed with purses! She would carry like 5 on each arm and go to the store like that. Looks like y'all had a BLAST and i'm super jealous of all the fun and swimming your doing! OH by the way your legs look really toned in the picture where your skiing!

  2. How are you so tan!?
    It looks so fun!

  3. Great photos! One of these years I hope we can all go again!