Monday, March 5, 2012

Grammie's Visit

We absolutely love having Mom come to visit!
I always realize how much I miss having her around when she comes. She's fun to talk to, she gets me, is crafty & creative, spoils us, and of course-- adores her Grandbaby!
Annabelle calls her "Mam-EE!"

The Fun List:
     -Playing at the park
     -Designing a beautiful spring wreath
     -Storytelling/Music at the library
     -Feeding the Ducks
     -Kneaders & Cafe Rio (always a request)
     -Sams Club
     -Quilted Bear
     -Movie: This Means War

Love those blue eyes

She loves the animals at the library

Feeding the BYU ducks

Spring Wreath (post here)

Grammie time! Reading books is one of their favorite things:)

Skyping with Grandad

She's still playing in her birthday doghouse! 

Sam's Club is always fun.
I still remember when Mom would take all four-kids to Sam's and it seemed our goal was to cause as much trouble as possible! We would have shopping cart races down the aisles, play hide-and-go-seek, eat every food sample, and beg annoyingly for our favorite sugar cereal! Good memories;)

Annabelle trying to JUMP!

We love you Mom!                  
Team Tolman       

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  1. I had a fabulous time! Oh boy.... do I remember how annoying ya'll were at Sams...I love shopping alone now! Thanks for the visit, I am already counting the days till next time:)