Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Avoiding the Inevitable...

Life is about moving forward. We occasionally stumble and take a step back but the idea is to keep going and that means change. I graduate in three weeks (wahoo!) and reality just hit-- I'm growing up. I thought I grew up when I could finally wear mascara in the 6th grade or when I drove away for the first time by myself (probably way too fast w/ the radio way too loud). I grew up when I realized there was something much bigger than myself: a Savior who died for me, just me. I grew up when I left for college, married the perfect guy, and definitely grew when we added the Lil' Munchkin to our family.

We've made amazing friends here at BYU. They're the kind of friends who you take annual trips with (minus the kids of course). The ones who laugh at your quirks but love you all the more for 'em. The ones you secretly hope that one day your kids will marry their kids;) Some friends have already taken that leap and moved away, but most are still here. Sadly, graduation means the inevitable will happen. The inevitable is that everyone will go their separate ways. We'll all move off eventually. But for now, I'm okay with limbo. I'm okay with simply avoiding. 

Graduating means closing a chapter of our lives that we've absolutely loved and moving on to something new. Instead of debating on what TV episode we should watch or what Thai restaurant we should try, we're discussing our future. We're talking about careers, where we want to permanently live, raise our family, and when to buy a house. These are big decisions I'll know we'll need to make soon. But for now, I'm not sure I'm ready to grow up.

For now, I want to avoid the inevitable.



  1. Scary, isn't it? Sounds to me like I need to catch up with you on your life! Congrats on the graduation!

  2. This brought a tear to my eye...I'm not ready!! I love you Britt!

  3. This brought me back to the day we left Galveston when dad graduated from med-school. These friends you have made will always be there... even with the distance.
    Growing up is a life long event:) I am so proud of you sweet girl.....just remember the inevitable will always be sweet with a bit of bitter...just as all of life can be!

  4. Bless your heart! All you can do is enjoy the ride : )