Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2008 & 2012

My Valentine's Rose

Four years ago, Travis and I went on our very first date on Valentine's Day.
It's been amazing ever since and it's fun to look back on that interesting night...

The First Date 2008: 
Travis and I had been "work" friends since Aaron convinced me telemarketing was the coolest job around. Needless to say it's not as glamorous as he made it seem (Aaron's pretty convincing) and I only lasted 8 weeks. However, it was just enough time to meet my future husband! Travis and I hadn't talked since before Christmas when he randomly sent me a text mid-January. We starting talking about New Year's goals and how mine was to attend the Temple more often. Since my parent's had the "no-car-your-first-year-rule" Travis kindly offered to take me. Little known fact: Girls always fall for guys with cars;)

So, our trip to the Temple so happened to fall on Valentine's Day since that was the only day I didn't have school or work. The Truth: I desperately wanted any reason to not attend the Relief Society "girl's night" Valentine's party. That's like waving your arms and shouting "Hey! No one wanted to ask me on a date, I'm single!" Luckily, Trav saved me from the blues of "Single Awareness Day." The Temple was good and then on our way home Travis asked me to go rock climbing with him. His original plan was just to be done after the Temple, but now he says he couldn't send me home because, "Sparks flew. Emotions ran high" (classic Dumb and Dumber)

Rock climbing was a blast except for one minor hiccup-- another girl was going with us! Travis had invited his best "girl-friend" days earlier and so it was a two-on-one. However, after about 45 minutes the other girl got so frustrated that Travis wasn't paying any attention to her that she left and rode the bus home! Sad... actually to be honest I wanted him all to myself! So, we rock climbed for a couple of hours and then joined my roommates at the famous Provo dollar theater to watch, "P.S. I Love You." 
We tried to get close (as close as you can get with an armrest wedged between you) but I sat on my hands because I had a "don't touch me til' our 3rd date expectation." Our first date lasted 10 hours! We started out as just friends but ended with a "hey, I kinda like you." 

I love you sweetheart and Happy Four Years!
P.S. I've forgiven you for the two-on-one:)

Our 1st date picture rock climbing... We look so young!

2012 Valentine's:
We saw "The Vow" with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Verdict: fabulous but I cried 3 times! I had tears running down my cheeks as we walked to our car and Travis said, "Ya better stop crying or people will think I broke up with you on Valentine's Day!" 
After the movie, we ate at Gloria's Little Italy. We ordered Fettuccine Alfredo with Tomato Basil Soup and were serenaded by a man playing the accordion and singing Italian love songs! We had a fun night and I'm so glad we kept dating even after our slightly awkward first date.

I love you Travis Orson!

Annabelle earned quite an income from this shirt!

Our Baby Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day,           
Team Tolman    


  1. What, you didn't like the two on one? It's just like the Bachelor! ;) It really has been a wonderful 4 years with you an I look forward to many more! :) I Love You!