Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Annabelle at 15 Months

Annabelle weighs 23 lbs (pure muscle plus a baby belly) and is 31 inches long.
I've said it before and I"ll say it again... We can't believe how much our baby girl has grown!

Favorite Activities:
  • Snow. Annabelle runs through every pile of snow she sees, plops down, goes crazy trying to push the snow every direction, and then of course eats big handfuls.
  • Climbing. Just when I thought my house was baby proof, Annabelle learns how to climb on the toilet and empty my bath buckets!
  • Stacking. --blocks, tuperware, sippy cups, books, couch cushions--
  • ABC Magnets.
  • Reading. (She knows exactly which pages she likes in every book and will only read those.)
  • Finding people's belly-buttons!

  • Sign Language. She can sign: more, done, tired, music (she used to wake up barking but now wants music every morning!), again, diaper, milk, & water. 
  • Talking. Annabelle is now saying the words with her sign language & copies most things I say. She can say: more, done, mom-mom, dadda, go-go-go, vroom, diaper, shoes, jacket, eyes, nose, ball, block, cup, cheese, cracker, apple, bath, on, out, uh-oh, & where'd go? (P.S. she has the most adorable little voice.)
  • Sounds. Yup, she's still growling & barking... at everyone! She also has recently learned "quack", "moo", and spits (for yucky) when we change her diaper.
  • Letters. Annabelle can pick out A, B, & D from a cluster of 4-5 letter magnets. 
  • Body parts. She can find her nose, head, eyes, ears, knees, toes, foot, belly-button, & fingers.
  • Technology. She was definitely born in the New Millennium! She can turn on and scroll through the pictures on the camera, rotates the iPhone and calls random people, points to the computer and signs music for Pandora Radio, & scrolls through my iPod.

Random Things: 
  • Eating. Annabelle has declared her independence. One day peas are her favorite food; the next day she's stuffing them in her high-chair and throwing them halfway across the living room, making mealtime a war zone. When all else fails, strawberries are still our go-to food. Recently, we researched "how to feed your toddler" and learned to just give her options and let her choose what she eats... so far, it's been working really well.   
  • "Go Crazy." That's Annabelle's cue to wave her arms back and forth really fast & scream. Unfortunately, she does this randomly and did it during church last Sunday!
  • Bedtime. Annabelle is so easy to put down. Sometimes she will sign "tired", grab her blanket, and just walk in her bedroom to wait for you. It's adorable.
  • Squeaker Shoes. Annabelle randomly brings me her shoes to put 'em on her and then she starts doing "quick-feet" to make 'em squeak as fast as possible.
  • Wrestling. When Travis and I wrestle, Annabelle gets so concerned and starts saying "mom-mom-mom." It probably doesn't help that I'm screaming, "Help Annabelle!" 

Recent Pictures:

"The Buddah Wrap"

Annabelle did this by herself!

She loves carrying around purses:)

Her bed is always full of diapers after her nap! 

Mini Shopping Cart
Annabelle later found a 2nd cart and was determined to push both at the same time!

Recent Videos:
Daddy's Latest Tricks

Stroller Drifting
Animal Sounds
Happy 15 Months,                       
Mom & Dad             



  1. She is so adorable! Can't believe all the things she already knows! She is one smart baby girl.

  2. She's sooo cute!!! I totally know what you mean about being picky. Joseph does the SAME thing! He used to love peas but now he doesn't like them. And he wouldn't eat pizza for a whole year until tonight and he likes it again! Kids are so funny. Can't wait til they can play together again! :)

  3. hahahaha this is hilarious! I love how she is standing on the basket! She is adventerous! The shopping cart picture is too cute, but i'm sure even cuter when she has 2 carts! lol I love how concerned she gets when you and Travis wrestle, that is just too cute!!