Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Sister Date w/ Mommy

Mom's turn! Annabelle and I had so much fun on our little date and it made me realize how it could be one of our last outings with just one angel in my life... I might have teared up;) We pretty much did the exact same thing as her Daddy, which.... she now thinks is the only thing you do on a date-- shop, eat, play place). Enjoy some pictures & two videos, one of her packing a week's worth of the "essentials" for our date:)

Me & My Baby Angel

She took FOREVER to pick out the perfect outfit for her future "possibly" sister (we'll find out boy or girl very soon!) She'd say, "I like this one, no this one's better. Nope, my sister gonna wear this one!"

 Play Place- she was bossing around boys twice her age!

Annabelle Packing!

I'm a Big Sister!

The Mother of One... 
for a few more weeks;)

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