Sunday, June 3, 2012


London is always a fun city to visit. There is amazing architecture, tons of history, the royal family, unique sightseeing, and of course, that coveted British accent!

Buckingham Palace- Changing of the Guards

Buckingham Palace 

The Changing of the Guards Procession

The Underground 

London Eye
World's largest ferris wheel!

Big Ben & House of Parliament 

Touring the City
Annabelle is starting early... major flirt!
After the London Eye we ate at an Italian restaurant, where Annabelle shamelessly flirted with all of the waiters! They kept coming by and rubbing her chin, and the whole rest of the trip (and still today) says "Chin, Chin, Chin" and wants you to rub her chin. As we were leaving, this waiter blew her a kiss and without any hesitation she blew a kiss, grinned, and said "Buh-bye." (We think we have a heart-breaker on our hands.)

She loved, Loved, LOVED the double-decker bus!

Totally random pic at a train station

First reaction....

Second!!! Notice Travis dying with laughter;)

When Danielle tried to walk away the guy wouldn't let go of her hand!

This was taken after our 10-hour return flight! 
Notice Annabelle is the only one with a grin;)

The European chocolate jackpot

Team Tolman     


  1. LOVED seeing all of the photos from your trip! Annabelle's face is priceless!! Made me laugh out loud! We miss you

  2. Looks like ya'll had a blast! MIssing you, your hubby and your stinkin' adorable munchkin so bad!