Saturday, August 6, 2011

Introducing Team Tolman!

Welcome to the Tolman Family Blog! I have had intentions of starting this blog for almost 3 years....and today is the day it begins. Life is precious and my favorite quote for this month is:

" In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time."   
                                                                President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Our family motto is "Team Tolman." Travis and I want our family to be close: a team. We want our kids to see us as their best friends, to learn from each other, enjoy life, and love spending time just being the Tolmans.

Our Family Began December 20, 2008

Travis & Brittany Tolman- A Family "For Time and All Eternity"

Just a few Engagement Photos

Just the 2 of Us....

 Honeymoon in Cancun & Cabin on the Lake

All Things Texas!


Next Adventure: Washington DC for the Summer!

Back to Utah!

Kneaders, BYU, exploring IKEA, Cash Flow (Travis' favorite game) and sleepovers with friends!

Our Second Christmas: Gingerbread houses, Crafts, Maple Snickerdoodles, & still Just Us:)

The Next Step...
Travis and I spent our first year loving life and loving each other. We had fun "Just the 2 of Us", but after the holidays we felt something was missing from our lives... or someone. Annabelle Kay Tolman was the next step. 

 Two days before Annabelle was born!

Annabelle Kay Tolman
October 24, 2010
7lbs 7.6oz       18 1/2 in.  

"You're going along doing everyday things, and out of the blue, life surprises you with something amazing, something you had no idea how much you wanted."

Parent's At Last! 

Behind the Scenes:
           Travis and I had some interesting conversations our first year of marriage on when and how many children we would have. I was determined to wait a couple of years and having max 5 kids, while he was ready from "I do" and wanted 12! Needless to say, Heavenly Father knew what was best for us on the "when" and we felt our timing was right. However, concerning the "how many" still hasn't found a conclusion. We have decided on "one at a time". Although, after this determined, fiesty, active, little addition to our family, I think Travis is ready to lower his number:)

 Annabelle is a precious, perfect addition to our family and I know our adventure has just begun. I wouldn't change any part of our journey... . life has happened the way it was meant to, and Team Tolman is happy:)



  1. Your First Blog Post... Yeah! (after so long right?) Love you Babe! -Travis

  2. caYUTE! I'm excited to read about your life! We should also get together in real life know...the traditional way. ;)

  3. This is amazing! I'm very lucky to be such a part of y'alls lives. Keep posting and I love you :)

  4. YAhoo! You got everything to work! Looks great. Call me if you need anymore tips. =)

  5. Love it. :) Especially the name...;)

  6. YAY!!! You're up and runnin'! What a great post and the main profile pic is adorable. Keep the posts coming : )

  7. haha...just found your cute blog! Todd's number (of children) also when wayyy down after he realized how much work it is having just one! Looking forward to many more cute posts to come!